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My personal artistic background starts with a musician and an arts teacher, who happened to be my parents, and taught me how to love, respect and appreciate any type of art. I was fortunate to learn musical theory, the principles of acting, how to play a viola and even the beauty of contemporary dance. They also taught me - and made sure that I actually understood - that one of the most powerful ways to express myself is through the art, because if it touches my heart it certainly will touch people around me and communicate my message successfully. However, my academic background took place on a Business School with a Marketing and Advertising undergraduate program, where my artistic references became more commercial. The ways to express myself on a professional environment and through my work as a Digital Media Analyst and a Product Strategist had to be limited to what is “commercially acceptable”. I learned a lot while being immersed on this scenario and certainly became passionate about it. At the same time, two years ago I realized that something was missing on my professional and personal life and I decided to join an adventure away from my country seeking to make new connections with people and specially with myself. Photography is one of my passions and in this website you will find some of my views shooted during this adventure.